SUNDAY MORNING: 6:00 A.M.. Quintana Roo, MEXICO

Saturday afternoon everyone met at VILLAS DEROSA for the Team Photo Shoot. We took individual photos, dive team photos and the whole team photo. 43 cave divers posing in the same photo. Outstanding. When published, it should be an impressive photo. Paul Heinerth, Jill Rabjohn, Gary Lemme, Brian Kukak, Buddy Quattlebaum, and Mary Redgen all came in from the BaseCamp. Steve Berman, Steve Irving, Pat Watson, Keith Kinard and David Miner arrived at airport with Tony DeRosa picking them up. Slightly late holding up Team Photo but no problem.
We had our Team Dinner banquet at the BUENA VIDA Restaurant in Akumal. 48 people attended. Everyone was impressed with the enthusiasm and comraderie among so many cave divers sitting down, talking, having a good time. Several people commented that had to a be a record or feat in itself for cave diving. We acknowledged all the hard work, dedication and "special points" involved with project. We gave a standing ovation to Kevin Renton, Pierre Turgeon, RoseMary Redgen, Issacc Villanavue and Buddy for their extreme hard work with setting up the trails, basecamp, logistics with equipment, etc.. We gave the warmest applause to the Mayan people of the Ejido Jacinto Pat as land owners and their loyal support. Also, for our Mayan crew who have worked beyond the call of duty portering the tanks for all the dive teams. The evening was a huge success and everyone was tremendously happy.
We announced, as of Saturday, June 15th, according to the latest press release from the Cedam CaveDiving team - April 20th - Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich stood at 159,600 feet. Buddy proudly announced that Sistema Dos Ojos (Ejido Jacinto Pat) was now at 162,500 feet and still going like a freight train. Everyone cheered. We have sent letters and faxes to Nicholas Heath-Brown of the Guiness Book of Records in London, England informing them where we stood and requesting an application to submit fora new world record for longest underwater cave. We are also asking from the Cedam Cave Diving team an acknowledgement and verification of total distance concerning Sistema Nahoch Nah Chich. Our team dinner banquet was a huge success. Today, Donn Ellerbrock, Travis LoRe and Lee Gibson fly back to the States and this day will be like last weekend - moving equipment into the jungle.
Bill Renaker along with Lee Gibson's help have installed over 3,000 feet in Hilario's Well. The downstream has now turned east again. Still plenty of places to push line. The new cenote - the Conch Republic - at the furthest point has surrendered over 7,000 feet in two days. Brian, Paul, Jill, Gary, Chris Pyle and Sandro Mateo just shake their heads in glee the goldmine they are in. We are still putting line in Cenote M1. Buddy and Bil Philips found another cenote. In Cenote Kentuck Castle, we have put in over 8,000 feet of new line. Rich Chapski was sick Friday so today he and Bob Griffith go back to their excellent lead fully prepared to push it further south. We are now going into the position to push all potentials leads towards the biggest prize - Nahoch Nah Chich. Big cave eats little cave is on everyone's mind. No promises, but we are going to give it our best shot. Secret Weapon is ready.
It is incredible how this cave continues to give and give. Receiving excellent E mail letters of support and encouragement. Great letter from Rob Harris of It's Dive Time in Columbus, Ohio who is one of our prime sponsors. He is really happy of what we are doing and WE appreciate what he has done for us. Thank you.
The 80,000 feet of line bought or donated from DIVERITE. At the rate we are going, we may just use it all up. It's going that good. Asking for more E mail addresses for anyone who wants a report. We are going to begin to post reports in our WEBSITE. We are not going to post reports in the Tech Diver forum anymore. I'll send reports to individuals only.
Will write REPORT # 8 on Monday. To all our sponsors and supporters - THANK YOU. We have seven more diving days left in the Grand Final. We may hit 200,00 feet afterall. Who knows.
Appreciate all the positive feedback.
Safe Diving.