Tuesday, July 9th, 1996.

In reference to the incident that took place on Sunday,
June 16th regarding the arrest of six people including cave divers German Mendoza and Chuck Jones along with others for removing artifacts from a Cenote in Cozumel. As stated by letters from Chuck Jones, it boiled down to petty jealousy between two Mexican agencies bickering about jurisdiction and who had authority.
Typical. It's unfortunate that the cave divers were "caught in the middle" of the mess.
This past weekend I saw German Mendoza at the Cenote PonDeRosa teaching a cavern diving course. He gave me a copy of the letter granting permission to work with the Mexican Federal Agency called INAH. All charges were dropped and the Mexican authorities apologized to the cave divers for the circumstances involved. Case closed. Doesn't make up for the embarrassment they suffered. German was really upset about how he and company were treated negatively by a few comments or letters in the Internet. For an update on Tony DeRosa, he is back from Houston as of Monday, June 30th. Completely better and healed from the Kidney Stones. He looks great and feels great! Villas DeRosa's new building is near completion. The new pool is in place.
FINAL REPORT on the project will go out this next week in the mail. Just got the "TEAM PHOTOS" back. Will send to all team members, sponsors and friends a copy. Ed Grossenbacher of Austin, Texas has been exploring every day since June 23rd. Going strong. The "Electric Fish" continues to shine. Breaking 200,000 feet will be no problem this summer.
OUTSIDE MAGAZINE completed a story on the exploration of the two major cave systems located on the EJIDO JACINTO PAT properties - Nahoch Nahoch Chich & Sistema Ejido Jacinto Pat (Dos Ojos). The writer is David Plank. He interviewed by telephone several people from Florida and Mexico, etc. Alot of erroneous information was given by two people. It appears it will be another "yellow journalistic" approach will be published. Apparently, the Dos Ojos side will get "the shaft". Fortunately, because over 50 cave divers participated and over 40 sponsors and donaters know the "true facts" it will be interesting to judge the credibility of the "quotes" given by the individuals. We will know, when the article appears in a few months.
FANTASTIC cave system being currently explored. Called Sistema CHACH MUL. Located directly across Hifgway 307 from Puerto Aventuras, it is owned by a Mayan family. Gary and Kay Pozda Walten get "big credit" for exploing the main trunks of this huge conduit. The got "wind" of it from friends, asked permission to dive and explore by the Mayan family. Pushed it over 2500 feet downstream and over 3500 feet upstream. The passageways are humongous!! Makes the "Jumna River" of theSistema Taj Mahal look like a major restriction. Both directions suddenly change to "side mount" passages. The most incredible feature is a stalagtite that starts at 34 feet depth of water falls to a depth of 74 feet at the tip. 39 feet long. Awesome! The floor depth at this particular point reaches 95 feet. Cave averages about 40 feet in depth. Easy access. Lots of percolation which is normal but will gradually dissappear as more and more cave divers tour it!
Many thanks to the NACD and Elena Casson for putting together the RAFFLE TICKET idea for the drawing to take place at the NACD Seminar in November. This Raffle winning ticket will receive two "all included" stays at VILLA DEROSA/AQUATECH....... free. Should draw alot of interest!
Hope all is going great! I'm having my best year since moving here in 1992. Getting married, bought a Condo, and teaching/working too much. Plus, helped establish the new World's Record for Underwater Cave System - Sistema Ejido Jacintp Pat whose running total now has past 185,000 feet and growing. Facts and figures never lie! Maintain. STEVE GERRARD