Wednesday, June 27th, 1996. Incredible feedback from many people on the results of the two week "Grande Finale". This thing is not over yet by a long shot.

Wish to say a big THANK YOU to our many sponsors and friends.
AQUATECH/VILLAS DEROSA - Tony & Nancy DeRosa. Their support with accommodations, food, tanks, air, transportation, and other support services is beyond recognition.
SCUBA WEST - Paul Heinerth - Jill Rabjohn. Jill will be publishing our 2nd Newsletter in three weeks. It will list all the sponsors and friends who have helped us and REVIEW what we have accomplished during the past six months and our plans and goals for the remaining 1996. They both had much fun. They laid a bunch of line folks and shot a bunch of photos.
DIVERITE - Lamar Hires & Mark Leonard plus all the guys at the warehouse. The line was a big help. Thank you. WE used all the line donated and close to half that was purchaced. Within weeks we will use up the rest. Remember, over 80,000 feet was obtained.
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for CAVE DIVING - the B.O.D.. Thank you for the $1000.00. It has been received and used as directed by the President - Lloyd Bailey. Our Project Reports have been placed on the NACD Web Page by Elena Casson. Thank you. Our post review article will appear in the NACD Journal.
INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of NITROX & TECHNICAL DIVERS - Tom and Patti Mount. An article and photos on the way for the NITROX DIVER Journal. Tom was writing back several times excited by the Project Reports. Their donation of $500.00 is very much appreciated. We are very appreciative of IANTD's support!
IT'S DIVE TIME - Rob Harris. Wow! Rob is super excited about what we have done. His $2,000.00 was the first donation received and the catalyst to get things rolling with donations. His divestore in Columbus, Ohio definitely got their foot into the door for Technical Diving. Hope this project helped in some way. Rob was the true factor for our PROJECT CAPS. They were great. Your T-shirt is on the way. Muchas Gracias.
OCEANIC - Barry Warner. We received two DPV's and six regulators for use in the two weeks. They were very helpful! Two DPV's were lost by UPS in shipment from California. Hope they are found. Thank you Barry.
ULTRATEK - Richard Rachel of Jordan, Utah. His company created the "form" for an excellent directional marker. Orange in color, larger in size from the traditionnal ones with SISTEMA EJP stamped into the marker. Everyone was impressed. Yes, we used all 500 of them. Several were kept as trophies by many of the members. A big HELP! Thank you.
SPRING SYSTEMS DIVE OUTPOST - Jonathan & Kathy Lesh of Luraville, Florida. Jonathan served as assistant Director and our surface Divemaster. Their $500.00 donation was a big help.
IKELITE - Indianapolis, Indiana. Their loan of strobes helped tremendously with the underwater photography. Thank you.
HENDERSON WETSUITS - Millville, New Jersey. They donated two wetsuits to be used in the project.
LLOYD BAILEY'S SCUBA - Gainesville, Florida. Lloyd helped us with equipment and supplies. We hope Lloyd's perspective of these type of expeditions has been reinforced in a positive direction.
CAVE EXCURSIONS - Luraville, Florida. Bill Rennaker's dive company donated $500.00 toward our cause. His enthusiasm and detail, methodical skills were unmatched.
DOS OJOS DIVE CENTER - X'cacel, Q. Roo, Mexico. Buddy Quattlebaum's divestore was instrumental as logistics headquarters, air station and line knotting.
SUBAQUATEC - Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico. Their help with obtaining equipment and supplies was very appreciative.
SCUBA CANCUN - Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico. Without their portable compressor, we would be in big troubleat BaseCamp. Muchas Gracias.
SCUBA DUDES - Phoenix, Arizona. Ed & Rich Banks. Through their help and contributions with reports and distribution of information, we are sincerely thankful. Thank you Edwardo for the $270.00 to the project.
SCALER WAVE SYSTEMS - Thorn Filippelli, California. Thorn has been instrumental with his computer input and advice. He has set up a WEB PAGE for us. We can't wait to see the 3 - D map when completed. Thnk you for getting my computer mess straighten out.
SCUBAPRO - David Rhea. David has assured us that Scubapro will be helping us. We will in need of their support this summer and fall.
POSEIDON - SEArious FUN - Joe Schelorke, Hauppauge, New York. Joe sponsored Connie and Travis LoRe with Posidon Drysuits, Caps and T-shirts.
BETH SOMERS & MARK STEINGERT - Hudson, Florida. Their contribution of 500 arrow directional markers was very much needed. Thank you! Mark put alot of effort into these beautiful, hand made directional markers.
GINNIE SPRINGS - High Springs, Florida. Ginnie Springs is donating money toward our funds. Their support and help is valued highly. JUDY BAUER - Archer, Florida. She donated $100.00 worth of guideline. Thank you Judy.
LARRY KIRBY - $500.00. A FRIEND from TEXAS - $1000.00
KEVIN MACK - $500.00 plus more. BARRY THOMAS - $250.00
HARRY CURE - $200.00 MURRAY BILBY - $100.00
LARRY O'LOANE - $100.00 TOM TOPPING - $100.00
TIM & JANE TYE - $500.00 DON KEELE - $60.00
STEVE BERMAN - $100.00, Explorer reel and various items.
BOB GRIFFITH - $200.00 plus. MARY ELLERBROCK - $200.00
ED BANKS - $270.00
Close to $9,000.00 cash was donated to the project so far. Outstanding.
And most important ...... we THANK the EJIDO JACINTO PAT - the Mayan Indain families and friends. The LANDOWNERS of this incredible area for cave diving. President - "Don" Hilario Mendoza.
This Sunday is the monthly General Membership meeting. We are supplying a PIG ROAST, beer and cokes for a celebration party of the expedition. We will presenting our report of what was acomplished during the past six months and our goals for the remainder of 1996.
Yesterday, Ed Grossenbacher of Austin, Texas found a new area in Cenote M1 and put in another 1,000 feet of line. Our running total now exceeds over 184,000 feet. He's going due north and his eyes tell the story - much more to do. He is one happy cave explorer.
OUTSIDE MAGAZINE has called. They are definitely doing an article on the exploration. The writer is Dave Plank. The FINAL REPORT to all members of the TEAM, thesponsors and supporters will go out next week by me. Again, JILL RABJOHN will be publishing a professional, six page POST REVIEW newsletter with photos in JULY. I saw the rough draft, a winner.
A letter of confirmation from the GUINESS BOOK of RECORDS in London was received yesterday by fax from Amanda Brooks - Correspondence Editor. The old record is listed at 168,345 feet - NAHOCH NAH CHICH.
Tomorrow, ROSEMARY REDGEN will begin the task of putting all the data on SMAPS. She will be in my office in Puerto Aventuras. My phone # is 011-52-987-35037 if you wish to call. This will take a few weeks.
A new series of DECALS will be produced in JULY to celebrate our expedition. A NEW DESIGN T-SHIRT will be produced in August to show the new map of SISTEMA EJIDO JACINTO PAT.