Monday morning - June 24th, 1996

The two week "Grand Finale" is completed. Wow! I'm exhausted. Everyone is super tired.
The "running total" - unofficially - for Sistema Ejido Jacinto Pat (known as Dos Ojos) is over 183,000 feet of explored, surveyed passage. Everyone is very happy with the results. This doubled my personal expectations. We had a wrap-up summary party at Villas DeRosa "La Terrazza" bar Saturday evening.
Spoke with Nicholas Heath-Brown of the Guiness Book of Records in London, England a few days ago. He informed me that the last correspondence received from the Cedam Cave Diving team listed Sistema Nahoch Nah Chich at: 168,435 feet.
According to a statement posted on the Internet on April 20th, 1996 ...... Nahoch was at 159,600 feet. Interesting. In two months, Nahoch grew 9,000 feet without anyone getting wet. We are now compiling all the data (it is massive) into the SMAPS computer software. This will take several weeks if not a month to do. We have hired RoseMary Redgen full time to do the computer work.
On Saturday, Pat Watson installed 750 feet of line south of Cenote Mott Mott which is located 600 feet east of Dos Ojos. Pat, Keith Kinard and Connie LoRe concentrated on this area for two days. Steve Berman, Steve Irving and David Minor instaaled 985 feet into the LSD area.
Friday, Bill Rennaker and Rich Chapski wrapped up Cenote Hilario's Well. With the help of Lee Gibson earlier this area totaled 5,300 feet. Bill Rennaker did most of the work. Bill's survey notes and working map were impressive. Bill was certainly very happy and it was obvious he enjoyed his two weeks. Everyone thought very highly of Bill.
Also on Friday, Steve Keene put in 450 feet with a lead out of Kentucky Castle going south-southeast. Added 100 feet on Saturday. All, nasty side mount passage. Found another opening to the surface. Sue Sharples made excellent contributions. A total of over 16,000 feet of new, explored passages came out of Cenote Kentucky Castle. Very successful.
Also on Friday with Cenote M1, Bil Philips put in 750 feet. Brian Kakuk placed 675 feet. Thursday, Bil Philips and Kay Pozda Walten installed 1500 feet in a great lead off the Wild West area. Bil earned the title: LINE KING. In total, over 50,000 feet of new, surveyed line was installed in Cenote M1 area and beyond with four new cenotes discovered. In retrospect, this new area, only found three weeks prior to the two week Grand Finale, saved our butts and made our expedition a huge success. Incredible.
Now, the hard part begins. We have been asked to submit a letter of application to the Guiness Book of Records in London. To support our claim, the SMAPS one dimensional data is the evidence. The data will take weeks to sort out
. We based our running total from 115,000 feet as of January, 1996 with Dos Ojos. The SMAPS data submitted by Jim Coke and Harve Thorn is several thousand feet less than this total. So, we have missing SMAPS data from 1995. Dan Lins has this missing data. When he quit the team in December, 1995 he took the data with him and refuses to return it. The Ejido Jacinto Pat has a letter on file signed by Dan agreeing that all survey data belongs to the Ejido - the land owners.
We know what areas of the cave system is missing and if we cannot get the missing data back from Dan Lins then we will go back and resurvey it. Luckily, between myself, Gary and Kay Walten we have about 40% of this missing data in our personal work sheet files and can recomplile it with RoseMary. Everyone on the team is bewildered why Dan Lins will not return the information. Hopefully, he will reconsider the situation, salvage his reputation and with compassion and dignity - return the missing data. Time will tell. Once all the data is in SMAPS, I'm sure the accurate total will be different. Whether is is less less or more than 183,000 feet, we shall see. But, it is very safe we are past 180,00 feet as of June 24th, 1996.
We are not quitting. Basecamp will stay in place on Macco's property. The portable compressor will continue it's fantastic job. Yes, it was down three days but Buddy got it running again. Ed Grossenbacher of Austin, Texas (the Electric Fish) is staying here all summer and will continue exploring. Anyone who wishes to help our team to explore is invited. Our goal for 200,00 feet hopefully will occur by the end of July. And, within a few weeks - we shall hopefully have a major announcement to make.
Tomorrow, I will post REPORT #12. Review the two week Grand Finale and acknowledge all of our wonderful sponsors and friends. WE thank everone for their gracious help and support. Must go, have to take some team members to the airport.
Be safe. Maintain. STEVE GERRARD