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This site is probably the BEST web site I have visited. The content is rich, the graphics are great, and the work you are doing is wonderful. I wish I could be part of the team instead of the audience. Next time I get down that way, I'll have to come and visit. Thanks guys!

Just wanted to say "Fantastic Web Page". Really enjoyed seeing the progress and the beautiful photos. The underwater pics are unbelivable. Keep up the good work,

Just found this site completely by accident 3 days after discussing w/ a friend a possible vacation to the Tulum site next Year (March 21?). Must be a Jungian connection ! any case, this is one of the most impressive and well done Web pages I have ever seen and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say Thank You Very Much ! ...will be back often..

thorn, Good news, the editor, Julia, was really blown away by your new 3D cave map of Dos Ojos; she's going to practically stop the presses and work the image into our Yucatan cave story by Michael Menduno; it's in there :-) Thanks for your help and assistance with this. As I've said before, I'm also mentioning your web site in our "download" tech diving news section in the new magazine. It's a hell of a piece of work. I looked at the code for the homepage, I've never even heard of the &ltonMouseover> tag before I saw your site! Pretty cool...

Hi All, Your cave system is beautiful very breathtaking. Lots of luck. Glenda from Oklahoma

Great shots of the underwater caves & Mayan City. Must be fantastic to explore 'virgin' underwater sites as the pics show such clearly and no contamination. Keep up the good work and makes us feel like we're right there.

Cool pictures!

what an amazing page... talk about blurring reality and fiction... that is, assuming it _IS_ fiction... the remote control is great well deserved of the CSoD congrats jod

Hi there! As a relatively new diver, your underwater shots made me anxious to go out again...! After diving in the Caribbean I'm too spoiled to want to jump in the Puget Sound up here in Washington, in the 48 degree water! What a fascinating trip.... that must be a great job. Just wanted to say you guys did a great job with the web site....!! A fellow diver,

Hey guys; Just a note to let you know the page was great. I'm not a diver (but I do surf the 'Net!), but I enjoyed the trip to Yucatan! Keep up the good work. Joe ;^)

The work you are doing is wonderful. This is possibly the best web site I've seen. I did some amateur cave exploration in northeast Alabama in the early 1980's so this info is very exiting to me. I noticed the last log in HQ was a couple of month's ago. I hope you guy's are not having political problems. Keep up the good work. Excellent pictures! Hope to see more soon.

J'ai trouv� votre recherche passionnante. J'esp�re un jour aller sur place, � Tulum et constater de visu votre beau travail. J'ai 68 ans...Un site merveilleux! J'esp�re un jour avoir les moyens d'aller � Tulum et constater de visu votre travail. Amiti�s.

Keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite sites on the web. I have been to Tulum three times and hope to go back next spring and now I have some great new places to explore thanks to your site and sites like yours.

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